What’s DDP Shipping Service?

door to door ddp shipping methods

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1. What’s DDP?

DDP is a door to door shipping freight and full name called delivery duty paid. The shipping forwarder can help you to do the customs clearance and pay the customs tax, after that they will deliver the parcels to your address. The full process is like this below:

Cartons from China manufacturer or company to (air/sea/train/ truck) shipping forwarders, then loading (on plane/sea/train/truck) and customs clearance at destination. After that parcels will deliver to your office.

2. The advantage Of DDP.

Compared to FOB CIF…DDP shipping freight has become more and more popular and you can find more and more shipping companies provide this DDP shipping service.

Royalincarparts.com also has several professional transportation companies engaged in the national transportation business in this DDP shipping service for many kinds of countries. And we also strongly recommend customers to use this method because it has many advantages.

2.1. The easiest way for customers.

It is the easiest way for you to purchase headlight accessories from China. You only need to focus on the products and all other things about transit will do by the shipping forwarder.

2.2. The most safe way for customers.

If any accidents happen during the transportation, the shipping company will have corresponding compensation measures so that you do not have any risks in the transit process.

2.3. No customs tax.

You can stay in your office and drink coffee. You can focus on your product’s promotion advertisement. All documents for customs clearance will do by our shipping forwarders and deliver the cartons to your office.

2.4. Different shipping methods. (air/sea/train/truck)

There are 4 different shipping methods, by air, sea, train, truck. Royalin sales team will help you choose the most suitable way for you according to your goods situation such as weight, volume, liquid or not and time you need.

truck, lorry, transportation-1030846.jpg
truck lorry transportation

3. Four shipping methods.

3.1 Air Cargo service.

Yes, sure. It used the airplane to transit your goods. It is a fast way to get the cartons around 7-10 business days. But fast means expensive. And sometimes it had requirements in weight. (12kg) So if your order is less than 12kg but the shipping fee still accounts for 12KG.

Meanwhile, volume is also a factor to consider. We should account (length* width* height)cm/5000 and compare with cartons weight. The shipping fee will be charged as the bigger one. For example, if you purchased 200pcs headlight projector lens shrouds, its weight is only about 15KG. But the volume may be 63cm44cm36cm then the volume weight is 634436/5000=20KG. And the shipping fee will account for 20KG, not 15KG.

3.2 Sea cargo service.

Shipping by sea has been the most traditional method of international trade since ancient times. In Door to Door Sea Cargo, we can cover FCL and LCL services, and no need to be worried about the customs clearance process in your country. The freight is cheap and the loading is very large. But, it cost a Long time. And usually, the shipping fee is charged as the cubic meter. (CBM) If your order is less than 1CBM but the shipping fee still accounts for 1CBM. So if you are a small seller or wholesaler, this sea shipping maybe not be the best way for you.

3.3 Train cargo service.

Most countries can transit goods by train especially in Southeast Asia and Europe. It is a long time transit and almost the same shipping time as sea shipping. But it does not need so many cartons even 12kg can be.

Door to Door Rail Cargo Service can transit goods to many countries in EU country ( Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, and the UK ) or another country like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, and Tajikistan.

3.4 Truck cargo service.

It is also a nice way for you to transit the goods to your country without customs tax. If you need a fast way than the train shipping but still do not want to pay much more shipping fee. Then this truck freight is the best way for you.

4. Difference between DDP and DDU.

DDP or DDU are both shipping services that help you to transit the goods to your address. It is also a door to door shipping method. But DDU can not help you clearance the tax, and you need to send the document to customs and pay tax to them. After that, you can get the parcels. Such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS, they are DDU shipping service.

Do deep discuss with royalin sales team
Do deep discuss with royalin sales team

5. What’s you need to do?

You just need to focus on the promotion of the products. Covid 19 still lived in the world and it is still the hard time for business growth so you need to try your best to do many works to promote your products and do better service for your clients.

  • Do hard work about your market to know what kinds of headlight projector lens can be popular.
  • Contact our sales team so we can do deeply communication to help you produce the products you need.
  • Customized is accept. Products customized, package box customized. Mould customized…etc. Please discuss with us and we will try our best to do.
  • After you confirmed the order and shipping methods. We can send you full photos you and you can start to do ads before parcels arrived.
  • When you got the cartons, you can check and test, and sell them in your market.
it is the nicest thing to see our clients smile
it is the nicest thing to see our clients smile

It is a funny thing to make money, and the more interesting thing is helping you grow bigger and bigger. But the happiest thing for us is to see our clients smile after using our products.

Well, If you still don’t know what’s DDP shipping means and how it works, you can kindly read about this blog.

What Does DDP Mean? Delivery Duty Paid Shipping Explained.

Contact us now and you will get more detail information.


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