What is bi-xenon projector lens?

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Maybe you had known the halogen bulbs and xenon bulbs, and also know what is the difference between xenon bulbs and bi-xenon bulbs. But do you know what is bi-xenon projector lens? How many models in the market? Why do we need to install a bi-xenon projector lens when we update our car headlight with hid xenon bulbs? And which one can be installed? How can we choose the best projector lens? Please follow us and you will know all of these points.

1. Why we need to install the projector lens?

Royalin bi-xenon projector lens can make car light much brighter and wider. With nice sharp cutting off, it will be much safe at night. Although it is easy to change your car light with halogen bulbs or a simple plug and play xenon kit (without projectors), it is not safe for you and other road users. Without proper projector lens, the light beam not converge. It is glare to the drivers on the opposite side of the road. This is because the original headlight chrome reflector was designed for halogen bulbs, not for xenon bulbs. On the other hand, without the projector lens, xenon bulbs high temperature will destor the original chrome reflector fast and the lighting fade quickly. The last important reason is forbidden by law especially in European. According to the Road Safe Rules, the HID headlight bulb must install with a projector lens. So please install Royalin projector lens just to make your family, your friends and others safe on road.

2. How projector lens works?

Simply said the bi-xenon projector lens has a low beam pattern and high beam pattern. From the below photo you can see, a bi-xenon projector lens included lens, cutoff shield, solenoid, reflector bowl, and xenon bulbs. When lighting comes out from bulbs it will be reflected by the chrome bowl. The cutoff shield contacted with a solenoid which powers the original car light beam. When powered, the solenoid working, and it will push or pull the cutoff shield down so that much more light through the lens and create a high beam. When power off, no power across the solenoid, and the cutoff shield will come back to its normal low beam. And the light is reconcentrated after passing through a convex lens then glare will not occur on road.

how bi xenon headlight projector lens works

3. A bi-xenon or a low beam projector lens you need.

Single projector lens which only has a high beam or low beam. As the photo shows if we remove the cutoff shield and solenoid that becomes a single high beam projector lens. While if we removed the solenoid only and the cutoff shield will stand always then it is a single low beam projector lens. Most car original projector lens belongs to low beam projector.

If your vehicle uses the following bulb type, you can use a low beam or bi-xenon:

— H1 / H3 /H7 /H8 /H9/ H11/ H10 / 9005 / 9006

If your vehicle uses the following bulb type, you need to use a bi-xenon:

— 9003 / H4 / 9004 / 9007 / 9008 / H13

Maybe you do not know what is this mode. There still has an easy way to know how to choose a bi-xenon lens or low beam lens. If your vehicle only has one single bulb with two filaments and has a high beam and low beam. Then you must choose a professional bi-xenon projector lens to provide hi/low beam. Well, if the vehicle headlight has two bulbs, one bulb for low beam and another bulb for high beam(sometimes this bulbs also can provide hi/low beam), then you have so many choose to update your headlight.

  1. Update the low beam with low beam projector only.
  2. Update the low beam with bi-xenon projector lens only.
  3. Update the high beam with bi-xenon projecor lens only.
  4. Update the low beam and high beam to bi-xenon projector lens both. This is brightest way to update with double bi-xenon projector lens, and then you car will become the brightest one on the road even in daytime.
a headlight with 4 pieces bi-xenon lenses

But we suggest update the low beam only to consider the cost of the retrofit. It is a huge cost with 4 pieces projector lens. And in most cases, we do not need this huge brightness when we driving on city road.

4. Projector lens size.

You do not need to consider this problem. Now royalin provide different kinds of the bi-xenon projector lens. From 1.8 inch, 2.0 inch, 2.5 inch to 2.8 inch, 3.0 inch even 3.2 inch. Royalin mini h1, Kioto Q5, Hella G5, Evox-R, E46-R, FX-R…etc.

For the small headlights, our royalin mini h1 is a perfect choice. It has a small size of 1.8” and much easy to install into your car chrome reflector bowl. The different modes of led projector lens shrouds make your vehicle out of the ordinary.

For the big headlight, it is much easy to choose a headlight projector lens. Such as hella G5 and Koito Q5 are good for you. Even our mini h1 lens also perfect. Maybe you do not like to install this small lens into your big headlight but you can choose many kinds of 3.0 inch shrouds to cover it, and it would look no different than a larger projector.

all kinds of headlight shrouds you can choose

Well, now many car headlights have original bi-xenon projector lenses such as BMW, Audi…For this car which had an original projector, you need to know what kinds of its original projector lens, and you need to choose the same size and the same models which have the same mounting holes. But it is hard to find this OEM projector lens and the price so high that you can not imagine. So now we need a special bracket to connect the aftermarket projector lens and your car. Royalin bracket will meet some of your needs.

5. HID Xenon bulbs size and modes used.

Most bi-xenon projector lenses used D1/D3S or D2/D4S because this D series xenon bulbs have better lighting but the price is high. So there also and some bi-xenon projector lens can be used with H1, H7, H11 xenon bulbs to reduce the retrofit cost. Royalin mini H1 projector lens only can be used with H1 xenon bulbs and it can fit H4 H7 9005 9006 car light. H11 xenon bulbs mostly used with bi-xenon fog light lens. H7 bulbs used for Koito Q5 H7 lens, Hella G5 H7 lens, and E46-R H7 lens. Well, it still has special bulbs HC21 for special lens XP3201 and XP3301. You must choose the correct bulbs for the right projector lens. And please do not use your original halogen bulbs into the bi-xenon projector lens or you will lose the brightness and it can not work well… When you retrofit the bi-xenon projector lens in your headlight then you do not need bi-xenon specific bulbs.

hc21 xenon bulbs

6. How to connet the projector lens with HID bulbs?

For bi-xenon projector lens installation, a bi-xenon relay wiring harness is necessary. It can help us to protect the bulbs and projector lens. Generally speaking, you can’t just plug the ballast into the sockets that powered the xenon bulbs. From the photo below, you can see the projector lens contact with the xenon bulbs and ballast with the H4 relay. Wiring is the most confusing subject in car light projector lens update. For different projector lenses and different wires can make many different connections. But this simple wire diagram also helpful for you.

projector lens and devil eyes and hid bulbs and ballast connection

8. Can LED bulb used in xenon projector lens?

This year, LED bulbs and led projector lens become more and more popular in China. And many client want to update their car with LED bulbs and LED projector lens. Someone got an LED lights and installed it into royalin xenon projector lens. For example, LED H1 bulbs can be installed into royalin mini h1 lens. Is that good or not? Now, let’s show you the reason.

Actually, the inner structure of the xenon projector is designed as the focal length of the HID bulb. So if we find an led bulb with a similar focal length to HID bulb that will work well.

9. LHD vs RHD

LHD means left-hand drive, and RHD means right-hand drive. While RHT means right-hand traffic, and LHT means left-hand traffic. You can understand it like this: LHD is RHT, and RHD is LHT. So If a car is Left Hand Drive, the steering wheel is on the left side of the car. And then this left-hand-drive cars need to be driven on the right side of the road. Such as China, the United States… While if a car is Right Hand Drive, the steering wheel is on the right side of the car. And then this right-hand drive cars need to be driven on the left side of the road. Such as Japan, Thailand, Australia…

In Europe, headlamps approved for use on one side of the road must be adaptable to produce adequate illumination with controlled glare for temporarily driving on the other side of the road. And our projector lens produces an asymmetrical light suitable for use on only one side of the road. Low beam headlamps in LHT jurisdictions throw most of their light forward-leftward; those for RHT throw most of their light forward-rightward, thus illuminating obstacles and road signs while minimizing glare for oncoming traffic.

10. DOT vs ECE

Here are a few pictures to show the difference between DOT and ECE beam pattern. DOT is the American standard, ECE is the European standard. DOT is the American standard, and ECE is the European standard. All Royalin mini h1 lens and hella G5 lens are American standard cutting beam and accurately American standard cutting beam projector lens is much more used. Only some OEM projector lenses and some of our customized projector lenses can do with ECE beam pattern. From now on, there is no decision to say which is good and which is not. But please make sure DOT or ECE is legal in your city.

There even have an DOT as well as ECE Mixed Projector. It blended with DOT conventional requirements and ECE common requirements, adopting the features of DOT and also ECE. It not just can deal with the vision of oncoming traffic, yet additionally reduce the dark area on the left side of light beam. In Asia, the majority of cars are made use of DOT as well as ECE mixed projector.

LHD RHD DOT ECE beam parttern

11. Choose the cheaper one or the enpensive?

Maybe you think that the cheaper projector lens is bad and the expensive lens is better. It is not exactly correct. The price just one of the facts when you decide to buy a projector lens from a China supplier. All OEM projector lens has a high price but the lighting beam, not the best. Some projector lens is rare and not more factory-produced such as the FX-R lens, Stanley AFS projector lens and even Bosch E46-R lens. The price is not cheaper but the light beam also not the best. But this lens can fit some cars perfectly and it can be installed so easily. Well, the royalin mini h1 lens has a nice price but great lighting output. bang for the buck is important.

It is a system to consider before you buy a projector lens. What is your car, what is your car’s original projector, which bulbs it used, what size projector can be installed, what bulbs are good for you…All you need please contact with Royalin team and we can help you to solve all this problems and give you a perfect solution.

Levi Chou

Levi Chou

Hi, I’m Levi Zhou, the founder of royalincarparts.com, I’ve been engaged in auto parts aftermarket for decades, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge relating to car lighting retrofit from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.