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What Can We Do For Amazon FBA Seller?

amazon fba shipping methods for amazon sellers

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Amazon.com is a famous E-commerce website. Many sellers sold a variety of products on it and automotive accessories such as led lights are one of the hottest categories. And now Amazon FBA service comes out and helps more and more sellers to make money easier. This blog will discuss something about FBA and what we can do for FBA sellers all over the world.

1. What is Amazom FBA?

Fulfillment By Amazon is called FBA. And fulfillment is the process of storing, packing, and shipping orders as well as handling returns and exchanges. Effective, reliable eCommerce fulfillment delights customers. With FBA, the seller only needs to send products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and Amazon pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for those products.

It is the best way for a small business seller to start the business. Amazon FBA will help you to save much time and you only need to focus on your business growth. Please check to learn more about Amazon FBA.

2. Something Amazon FBA had done for you.

Amazon FBA is widely used because it can help sellers do many things and save much time for small sellers.

2.1 packing

Amazon helps sellers to pack the parcels in their warehouse and stick your order label.

2.2 shipping

After parcels packed and label sticked, Amazon FBA has their shipping car to send your order to the buyers.

2.3 tracking code

When parcels sent out, Amazon FBA will send back the track code to you.

2.4 return

If the parcels broken or the buyers do not like it, Amazon FBA help you to pick up the items back to the warehouse.

2.5 After-sale service

Amazon FBA has a professional team to help you do after-sale service for your buyers.

3. What you should do only?

3.1 Select the products you will sell.

If you want to send products for selling, you should choose high-quality products. It is better to know that you can sell everything in this program, but if they are of low quality, they are sent back by customers, and you pay the fees. Nobody likes to spend money without earning.

3.2 Check the inventory list everyday.

You, as the owner of the products, need to check the inventory list to see whether your products are on the list or not! When found your stock list will be sold out, and you need to contact your suppliers to purchase the products. When your products link on Amazon sold out and you still do not have items in the FBA warehouse and then your products link will be closed then you will lose the opportunite to make more money.

3.3 Do marketing for your products.

If your products are not well known, you must do marketing for your products. There are different ways of marketing, and you should select the best way according to your products.

Well, I am a Chinese manufacturer not a seller on Amazon. For many others questions or you are really want to do your business with Amazon, please check the Amazon website and get the detail and professional service there.

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bi led fog light projector lens

4. What we do for you?

But now, to be a factory and manufacturer in China, let’s talk about something we can do for you when you purchased headlight projector lens and projector lens shrouds and some led truck side marker indicator lamps.

4.1 Consolidating products.

In your Amazon shop must sell many kinds of products with different SKUs. We can help you to take some items from other factories and packed them, sent them together.

4.2 Labeling products.

Different products have different SKUs and need to stick items labeling. Please no worry about this job. We have 10 years experience in aliexpress, so we can do this job for you without mistake.

4.3 Arrange the shipping methods.

All parcels packed and we will send the goods to our shipping company in 1-3 days. And there are 4 type of shipping methods you can choose.

shipping method in amazon fba
shipping method in amazon fba

4.3.1 Express transportation.

Express transportation such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT. Usually takes only 2-5 business days. It is the Fastest shipping method. But the cost is also much more expensive. So you need to increase your sales price in your shop. The dimensional weight is calculated by 5000 (if the dimension weight is large, it is charged by dimensional weight). There are also a lot of restrictions on goods, such as liquids, batteries and powder products…and more.

4.3.2 Air transportation

If your product weight is more than 13 kilograms, you can choose to ship by air. Over 21kg will be much nice. Because over 21kg parcels shipping fee will much cheaper when 13kg. And this air shipping is the most popular shipping method with fast delivery time.

To Amazon warehouse in the US: Usually takes 7-10 working days.

To Amazon warehouse in Canada: Usually takes 10-15 working days.

To Europe (UK, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Spain) Amazon warehouse: Usually takes 13-15 working days.

4.3.3 Sea transportation

Sea transportation is one of the most important modes of transportation to the Amazon FBA warehouse. The freight is cheap and the loading is very large. But, it cost a Long time, a high risk of navigation, inaccurate sailing date, and susceptibility to weather.

4.3.4 Train transportation

Train services are only available when shipping to Europe( UK, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Spain ). It takes about 30 days from China to reach all Amazon Fulfillment Centers in Europe. The train is safer than sea shipping. Most of our customers choose train transport if the product is shipped to Europe.

4.5 Prepare declaration documents.

All these shipping methods showed can do customs declare with DDP. We will help you to do all the declaration documents and help you pay for the customs tax. You will not need to pay any other fee.

4.6 delivery to destination warehouse in time

Please discuss with our team about the delivery time before you choose the shipping methods. And we can account for the products producing time and estimate the delivery time for you to help you choose the right shipping methods to make sure you can get the items and sell them in your market.

Amazon.com is a great company and has created many opportunities for people worldwide to start their businesses. And if you are doing this business and want to cooperate with a China manufacturer to help you to solve all these problems both in products and transit. Royalin car parts Co.,ltd can be a partner in your list.



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