Do You Know Light Dimming Cloth?

the car light dimming cloth

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1. What’s light dimming cloth?

When we come to the retrofit shop, we also see this photo on the wall. And technician put the car lighting on the wall to do some testing. And said”Perfect, it’s OK”. But you are confused. You must want to say “what”? Why it is perfect, and what is this on the wall”?

dimming cloth

2. What’s the meaning of the numbers on the dimming cloth?

Now this time let’s talking about this dimming cloth. Before this, please see the photo below. This is the perspective of a driver driving on the highway. Then we remove all auxiliary and unnecessary lines. And then you will get this simple dimming cloth below. Now let’s explain the numbers on the cloth’s meaning.

car light dimming cloth

H corresponds to the center point of the headlights, and HV corresponds to the centerline of the right lane. In the figure, I, II, III, and IV zones are divided, corresponding to different positions on the road and the front, and several test points are also marked. For example, B50L is equivalent to the position of the eyes of the oncoming car driver at a distance of 50 m in front. 50 V represents the road surface 50 m in front of the vehicle, 25R corresponds to the position of the right line of 25 m in front of the vehicle, and 50L corresponds to the position of 50 m on the left lane.

the car light dimming cloth

3. How it works?

When dimming, the light distribution of the low beam is required to be on the dimming cloth. The low beam should produce a clear cut-off line whose horizontal part is on the left side of the v-v line, and the right side is a diagonal line 15 ° upward from the horizontal line, or Incline 45 ° diagonally to the horizontal line with a vertical distance of 25cm and turns to a horizontal fold line.

the car light dimming cloth

The brightness on the left side of the dipped beam requires the maximum value, and the minimum value on the right side, which also ensures that the right side can shine farther. There is no such requirement for high beam, so the result of high beam irradiation is basically the same.

As for the brightness and standards of lights, the state has strict regulations. The dimming should be adjusted according to the height, angle, etc. of the lights stipulated by the state.

4. How to get this light dimming cloth with customized logo?

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