LED Strip Lights

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Royalin LED strip light 2835 335 chips switchback turn signal tube light for car headlight retrofit





Single color, double color and RGB


30cm, 45cm, 60cm




12 months

Product Details:

On this page, we will show you 3 kinds of led strip lights. They are similar and just used different kinds of led chips.

RY-SL01 which made with 2835LED chips. It had single color, double color switchback, and double color flowing which is most popular in this mode.

RY-SL02 made with 335 chips. It had single color, double color switchback, and double color flowing.

RY-SL03 is RGB mode with IR controller and made with 4020 LED chips.

Well, 335 VS 2835 which is brighter? Of course, 335 is the winner. Because 335 chips light can be emitted directly from the side of the tube.

  • Features: Electronic components with environmentally friendly materials.
  • Material: Gel silicon/LED chip
  • LED Style: SMD 2835/335/4020
  • LED Tube Length: 30cm 45cm 60cm 85cm.
  • Working Voltage: DC 12V
  • Power: 6.8W(per piece)
  • Current: 500ma
  • Waterproof Degree:IP65
  • Working temperature :-40°C-60°C
  • Light Color: Single color, White, Yellow, Blue, Red…available.

Double color:  Red-yellow, White-yellow, Blue-yellow, Ice Blue-yellow, Pink-yellow.

Multi-color RGB mode.

Use for any 12V DC vehicles requires the right connection to the positive(+) and negative(-) sides.
Purpose: Wide use to Auto / Motorcycle / Home / House Decoration…
Exterior Decoration: Angel Eye Light, Daytime Running Lights, Turn Signal Lights, Eyebrow Lights, Net Lights, Chassis Lights, Wheel lights, Running Lights, Brake Lights, License Frame Lights, Rear Window Lights…
Interior Decoration: Floor Lights, Pedal Lights, Brake Lights, Trunk Lights, Door Lights, Instrument Lights, Car Dome Lights, Interior Decoration Lights…

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