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LED Strip Lights

ROYALIN Tuning Flexible LED Daytime Running Lights Switchback Turn Signal Three Colors White Yellow Blue Lamp DRL For Headlight





Single color, double color and RGB






12 months

Product Details:


On this page, I will show you the latest led DRL strip lights RY-SL06. This is not the same as RY-SL05. It fixed with the aluminum sheets in the back. With the special design, this led strip can be made with several lighting modes.

mode1: white-amber flowing with white color scan.

mode2: white-amber flowing with blue color scan.

mode3: white-amber flowing with RGB color chasing



1. 2x Switchback LED Strip Lights with Sequential Signal For Headlight Retrofit.

2. A professional lighting part for car headlights modification– High Power Switchback LED Lights with sequential turn signal feature for headlight retrofit.

3. New generation switchback LED strip lights, made with high power LED chips, 3 colors LED chips built-inside. Comes with a sequential turn signal feature design, makes your car much more unique and different from other cars!

4. Allows Sync with your factory turn signals to make your turns even more distinct

5. Special detachable design which allows you to install it for pretty much any car, truck, SUV’s headlamp housing. (Ranging from 50cm to 69cm,50cm in normal condition, and 69cm maximum after extended.)

6. Can be bent, twisted, and contoured to fit most headlights.

7.These LED strip lights are not waterproof, you need to install them inside the headlight.



Electronic components with environmentally friendly materials.

Working temperature: 40 degrees below zero to 60 degrees Celsius

Light Color: Blue & White & Amber Light

Each light strip has 16 crystal lights.

With turning function.

The length of light is adjustable.

With light strip drive which is steady voltage and current function.

Powered by 12V voltage.

Use for any DC12V vehicles, requires the right connect to the positive(+) and negative(-) side.


Wire Connection: 

There have 4 wires, Red, Black, Yellow, White.

1. Red connect ACC ” + ”
2. Black connect ” – ”
3. Yellow connect turn light ” + ” (Right DRL connect right turn light, Left DRL to connect left turn light )
4. White connect ” + “, it close function, which bottom you want to control this function, which ” + ” connect.


Please select the appropriate installation method according to your actual situation.

Method one: Compare the position of the fixed bayonet, and use the two holes of ferrochrome at the corresponding position to wear out the two corners of the fixed buckle, and then flatten the front and rear to fix it.

Method two: Remove the two corners of the fixed buckle, use the wires to pass through the underside of the buckle, punch the hole in the assembly and thread the wire out of the hole and tie it together to fit it.

Method three: Fix with the 3M glue, but maybe fall out after a long time of usage.


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