Laser LED Fog Lens

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ROYALIN 3.0 inch Laser LED fog light projector lens with adjustable bracket for Ford Toyota and Nissan.





3.0 inch










24 Months

Product Details:

The fog light lens is not the same as the headlight lens. Fog lamps (whether in the front or in the rear) are not mandatory and are considered auxiliary lights. But without a fog light lens it will much dangerous in heavy fog, rain, and other weather conditions that reduce your visibility on the road.  Our bi-led fog light lens has high beam and low beam which make your driving much safer.


  • Feature: LED projector lens.

Laser led fog projector lens with high beam only.

  • Projector Dimensions: 3.0 inches.

This is 3.0 inches bi-led projector lens. And we also designed a bi-xenon 3.0 inch fog projector lens, and 2.5 inch bi-xenon fog lens, and 2.5 inch bi-led fog lens.

  • LED chip: Built-in Royalin LED chips.

We chose a nice LED chips vendor and provide good quality with brighter lighting output. These royalin LED chips have 24 months warranty.

  • Color Temperature: White color

White color is available.

  • LED driver: Digital LED external drivers.

The external driver will be easy to be replaced when it broken.

  • Lens Material: Clear glass lens pre-installed. Not plastic!

Image customized on glass lens also available and we are so glad to help you to do a special fog light lens for you. And you just need to show me the image with the JEPG file and we will help

you engrave it on the glass lens. For the effect you can see our hella G5 headlight projector lens customized.

  • Lens Holder: Full Metal.

Metal holder with a silver circle. Also, the silver color can be changed.

  • Reflector Material: High-Temperature Resistance Aluminum Alloy Body.

100% chrome finish reflector makes the lighting output much brighter.

  • Waterproof: IP 65 Waterproof. But it can not be installed directly outside on the bumper.

After installed the bulbs, please use tapes to fully seal the bulbs hole to avoid water going inside from the gap.

  • Solenoid: High-quality electromagnetic motor, the stuck rate is less than 0.1%.

The switching frequency from the low beam to the high beam is more than 500000 times. 24 months warranty for this shiled.

  • Power: 12V 26W.

26W per pieces and 52W per pairs.

  • Lumen: 12000LX@4M/pcs.

For pieces, and test on 4M, 12000LX at the middle point.

  • Light Output: 4 times brighter than bi-led fog lens.


  • Required Bulb Type: It does not need any bulbs.

Royalin LED chips pre-installed. It can provide the lighting already.

  • Fitment: Depend on the bracket you choose.

With different brackets, this bi-led fog lens can fit all kinds of cars. Ford, Toyota, Nissan, and universal metal bracket are available.

  • Bracket: Adjustable and not adjustable both available.

Adjustable bracket included Ford, Nissan, Toyota.

Without adjustable included Ford, Nissan, Toyota, metal small or big bracket, Cruze, Wrangler.

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