Hex Angel Eyes Halo Rings

ROYALIN Hex Halo Ring LED SMD Angel Eyes White/Turn signal double color/RGB and RGB chasing color for car headlight retrofit





Single color, double color and RGB








12 months

Product Details:

Hex Angel Eyes Halo Rings

1. This one is different from other angel eyes. It is a milk-white cotton light cover outward. Compare to other angel eyes, the lighting is smooth, not dazzling.

2. All LED chips are evenly spaced on the whole ring, without any dark area. Long lifespan, energy-saving, exquisite appearance, smooth lighting.



1. With premium quality cotton cover, super-bright, long-lasting.

2. No flicker and no dark spots. More efficiency, power, and focus.

3. Good heat dissipation. Keep the temperature low & remain stable performance.

4. Low power consumption, long service life, high luminous efficiency.



White color. Only single color white as daytime running light.

White-Amber double color. The angel eyes with dual white-yellow color. It is white color when driving normally. When you turn on the turn signal, the angel eyes will turn to yellow color and flicker, just as signal lights.

RGB color. With Bluetooth APP controller. Many different colors are available.

RGBW color chasing. With Bluetooth APP controller. Many different colors with chasing mode.


Easy Installation: Easy Installation: Back with self-adhesive, easy application, convenient and quick installation.

Available Size : 70mm/80mm/86mm/90mm

Fitment: This angel eyes can fit most car headlights.

Well, if your car has 4 angel eyes rings, we can help you arrange 4 hex rings with 1 led driver. So all this 4 rings can be controlled by one driver at the same time.

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