Hella G5 Projector Lens

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Royalin hella 3R G5 headlight projector lens for H1 H4 H7 9005 9006 car retrofit.



RY-XP3302, RY-XP3303, RY-XP3304


3.0 inch



Beam Pattern

American Standard

Driver Side





24 Months

Product Details:

Hella projector lens is an outstanding representative of the German Hella Company. Currently recognized as one of the best lenses

  • Small size, suitable for almost any car modification.
  • Perfect light performance, thick low beam, and high brightness, a wide range of the high beam, powerful brightness performance.
  • Fastest dimming speed among all lenses.

The hella 5 lens was originally only installed on some luxury cars, such as Audi A6 and Touareg before 2016, but today more and more cars installed the hella lens. The OME hella lens in China is very rare. Our hella lens is a copy for OEM hella lens but has much better performance and more socket to meet your needs.


  • Feature: Bi-xenon projectors lens, offer both high lights and low lights function.

HID Bi-xenon projectors offer powerful high beam lights and low beam lights that is 3 times brighter than your original halogen lights. With this bi-xenon projector lens you will not need bi-xenon bulbs. Single low beam and Single high beam are also available. But nobody wants to use this single beam. Bi-xenon is an great choice.

  • Lens Dimensions: 3.0 inch

Now all kinds of the hella lens are 3.0 inches. There no 2.5 inches hella lens on the market. But some mini h1 2.5 inches lens which looks similar as the hella lens but it is not the really hella lens. This mini h1 lens used metal holder, alloy body, and the same cutting shield as hella lens just like our XP2108 bi-xenon lens. But it still mini h1 lens.

  • Lens Material: High clear glass, not plastic. With a long lifespan and high transmittance.

Blue glass lens vs. clear glass lens. Blue glass lens will make the projector much more beautiful and the cutting line sharper and brighter with blue color at the edge of the line.

Beautiful images can be lasered on the glass too. Now honeycomb blue glass lens much popular in the market. It looks so nice and personality. Flowers, Buddha… and any others can be customized. Your company logo is the best image to laser it on a glass lens so that many clients will like your items and know your brand.

Today the product competition more and more fierce, the product homogenization more and more serious. Your competitor can get the same items from China and their price maybe lower than you. How can you defeat them? Now making a special kind of projector lens is a simple way to win your market.

  • Lens Holder: Full Metal.

Not only the glass lens can be customized but also can do different color of the bracket. Silver color, black color, red color, blue color, gold color…any colors are available. There the

high-temperature resistance plastics also a rare option.

  • Reflector Material: High-Temperature Resistance Aluminum Alloy Body.

If you want to do some further customization, then our team will help you do some special mold in the reflector bowl. From now on, we already had help you our clients do some solution a this point. Flying eagle, KingLion, Five Start are successful items. We are so glad to help you to do a special projector lens for you that only you can sell it in your market.

  • Solenoid: High-quality electromagnetic motor.

The stuck rate is less than 0.1%. The switching frequency from the low beam to the high beam is more than 500000 time.  Powerful and strong solenoid to expose more light through the lens, improve the lens performance. By default, it gives a uniformly lit low beam, but once the solenoid is active by 12 Volts, the projector will give a full high beam with a great range of light.

  • Cut-Off Beam Options: LHD/RHD/Flat cutting shield.

LHD and RHD are available. And American standard beam only for the hella lens. If you do not know what is LHD.RHD, and do not know which one for you, please kindly read our blogs. Well, in some countries, such as Indonesia(RHD), many clients like the flat cutting line which provides a straight line on the wall. Now we also designed the flat cutting shield on the bi-led projector lens.

  • Light Output: Brighter and clearer focusing beam pattern.


  • Fitment: Fits for H1 H4, H7 car/motorcycle headlight directly, as soon as your headlight with enough space. If your headlight under other socket types, you need to do a minor modification to fit the lens well.

If the car chrome bowl does not have the original projector lens and enough space to install 3.0 inches lens, all these 4 kinds of the hella lens can be used. But as different kinds of original bulbs car used, we can choose different socket.

If the car has an original projector, then the hella lens still can be retrofitted, but need a customized bracket to connect the car and projector.

  • Bulb Type: Hc21, D1S, D2S, D2H, D3S, D4S, H7 xenon bulbs.

For different sockets need different bulbs, and different models have different installations. Now 4 kinds of the socket are available. Hc21 hella, H4 hella(Similar as Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0), H7 hella, D1/D2 hella.

Hc21 hella lens must be used with hc21mm xenon bulbs. This mode do not require custom mounting, it can be installed into the headlight reflector bowl with screws and nuts. It can fit H1 H4 H7 9005 9006 car with H4 H7 9005 9006 base accessories in the package.

H4 hella lens can be used with bulbs D2S and D2H. The same as the Hc21 hella lens, the H4 hella lens does not need custom mounting to install the headlight bowl easily with screws and nut but only for the H4 car. Because it does not have H7 9005 9006 bases for this lens.

H7 xenon bulbs and D2H bulbs can be installed into H7 hella lens. It can fit your H7 car bulbs easily.

D1/D2 hella lens used HID bulbs D1S D2S D3S D4S D2H. The same as H7 hella lens, this two modes need the bracket to be installed into the car. They do not have screws and nut to help you put the lens easily into the original headlight bowl.


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