Headlight Chrome Kit

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Royalin RY-YGJ0504 Headlight Chrome Kit For Toyota Tundra 2014-2016 White-Amber Double Color With Turn Signal Function





White+Yellow; Blue+White+Yellow






12 months

Product Details:

Royalin RY-YGJ0504 Headlight Chrome Kit For Toyota Tundra 2014-2016

Toyota Tundra is a US version of a large pickup truck produced by Japan’s Toyota company, which is about the same size as a Hummer. This car is mainly sold in North America.
It is very suitable for long-distance travel. The reason why it was once sought after is its versatility-a combination of the off-road performance of an SUV, the carrying capacity of a truck, and the comfort of a car.

But the original Tundra headlight is very poor, without projector lens and daytime running light. Even the original reflector bowl with xenon bulbs, the lighting do not fit it.

This chrome kit RY-YGJ0504 with turn signal function white-yellow as DRL and  a bracket that can help you install royalin Koito Q5 lens and hella 3R G5 lens.

How to install? Please see the photo show the hella G5 projector lens installation. And koito Q5 lens is the same as hella lens, just with different hole to fix it.

There still have some other Toyota headlight chrome kit. You can check it below. Or please send us an inquiry now, we will show you all kits we had.

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