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White+Yellow; Blue+White+Yellow




12 months

Product Details:

Royalin RY-YGJ0401 Headlight Chrome Kit For V.W Polo 2010-2012 Headlamp Retrofit

There are many kinds of Volkswagen V.w car in the market. And the same generation car may be different between China version and European version, South American version…

Please make sure that the car in your market is the same as the China version because all our headlight chrome kits designed as China vehicle headlamp molds.

This RY-YGJ0401 headlight chrome kit suit for V.w Polo 2010-2012 headlamp update with turn signal function white-yellow and blue start.

Well, the original Polo headlamp does not have the bi-xenon and bi-led projector lens. In this kit there is a bracket that can help you install royalin Koito Q5 lens and hella 3R G5 lens.

With small black shrouds included. It is a perfect option for you to update the poor headlamp.

There still have some other Volkswagen V.w chrome kit. You can check it below. Or please send us an inquiry now, we will show you all kits we had.

RY-YGJ0401  Volkswagen  V.w  Polo 2010-2012

RY-YGJ0402  Volkswagen  V.w Polo 2013

RY-YGJ0403  Volkswagen  V.w Polo 2014

RY-YGJ0404  Volkswagen  V.w Bora 2013-2015

RY-YGJ0405  Volkswagen  V.w Bora 2016

RY-YGJ0406  Volkswagen  V.w Golf 2010-2012

RY-YGJ0407  Volkswagen  V.w Golf 7.5

RY-YGJ0408  Volkswagen  V.w Golf 2013-2018

RY-YGJ0409  Volkswagen  V.w Golf Sportsvan 2016

RY-YGJ0410  Volkswagen  V.w Jetta 2013-2016

RY-YGJ0411  Volkswagen  V.w Jetta 2017

RY-YGJ0412  Volkswagen  V.w Lavida 2012-2014

RY-YGJ0413  Volkswagen  V.w Lavida 2015

RY-YGJ0414  Volkswagen  V.w Lamado 2015

RY-YGJ0415  Volkswagen  V.w Magoton 2013-2016

RY-YGJ0416  Volkswagen  V.w Magoton B8 2017-2018

RY-YGJ0417  Volkswagen  V.w Passat 2011-2015

RY-YGJ0418  Volkswagen  V.w Passat 2016-2018

RY-YGJ0419  Volkswagen  V.w Santana 2013-2015

RY-YGJ0420  Volkswagen  V.w Santana 2016

RY-YGJ0421  Volkswagen  V.w Sagitar 2017/Jetta 2018

RY-YGJ0422  Volkswagen  V.w Touran 2011-2015

RY-YGJ0423  Volkswagen  V.w Touran 2016-2018

RY-YGJ0424  Volkswagen  V.w Tiguan L




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