Evox-R Projector Lens

Royalin evox-r 2.0 projector lens for car light retrofit.





3.0 inch



Beam Pattern

American Standard

Driver Side





24 Months

Product Details:

The Hella E55 projector lens is the most widely used OEM projector lens in the world. It is a good projector with a special design. But E55 lens reflector bowl material does not alloy, and the chrome reflector is not a mirror. The lighting output is not so good. So our team updates this great lens to the Evox-R lens. It is better than E55 lens in every way.

  1. It can replace the hella E55 lens directly.
  2. Almost 7 times brighter than hella e55 lens.
  3. Full-width efficiency.
  4. about 50% brighter than Evox-R 1.0 lens.

But Evox-R 2.0 lens a litter shorter than Hella Gen 2 E55 lens, so it will have a tiny gap behind the shrouds when your retrofit your E55 lens. Please do not worry about it. It is hard to discover this when the headlights are on. If you still care about this problem, you can update the shrouds too. Royalin has many kinds of shrouds can fit the different car.

About the AFS system in E55 lens and Evox-R lens does not have the hole on the metal bracket. But If you need to implement AFS functionality, you need to do some modifications to the mounting points. And we still recommend the OEM E55 projector lens or Evox-R 1.0 lens for novice retrofitters to update the AFS headlight.

Now only have LHD beam pattern in the market about this lens. If you have bulk orders and want to do business about this RHD lens in your city, we are so glad to help you design an RHD cutting shield for you.


  • Feature: Bi-xenon projectors lens, offer both high lights and low lights function.
  • Projector Lens Dimensions: 3.0 inch
  • Lens Material: High clear glass, not plastic.
  • Lens Holder: Full Metal. The glass lens will much safe even your driving on a bumpy road.
  • Reflector Material: High-Temperature Resistance Aluminum Alloy Body.
  • Solenoid: High-quality electromagnetic motor, the stuck rate is less than 0.1%. The switching frequency from low beam to the high beam is more than 500000 time.
  • Cut-Off Beam Options: LHD only.
  • Light Output: Brighter and clearer focusing beam pattern.
  • Bulb Type: D1S D2S D2H D3S D4S xenon bulbs.
  • Fitment: Based on years of R&D, the EvoX-R 2.0 was designed for the super-easy replacement of Hella E55. Please see this cars below.

For Audi

For Audi A6 C5 2001-2004 (Bi-xenon facelift model)

For Audi A8 2002-2009

For Audi A8 S8 D4 2009-2012



For BMW 5 Series E39 2001-2002 (D2 xenon headlight only)

For BMW 5 Series E60 2003-2006 (Only for D2S headlight, without AFS.)

For BMW 5 Series E60 E61 Saloon Wagon LCI 2006-2011

For BMW 7 Series E65 2001-2008

For BMW X5 E53 1999-2006

For BMW Z4 E85 2002-2008


For Mercedes-Benz

For Mercedes-Benz A-class W176 2012-now (D1 to D2 adapter is needed)

For Mercedes-Benz CLK W209/A209 2002-2010

For Mercedes-Benz CLS W219 2004-2010

For Mercedes-Benz E-class W211 2003-2009 E200 E220 E280 E300 E320 E350 E420 E500 E55

For Mercedes-Benz E-class C207/A207 2009-2012

For Mercedes-Benz ML W163 2001-2005

For Mercedes-Benz ML GL W164 2006-2010

For Mercedes-Benz R-class 2005-2010


For Ford

For Ford C-max 2003-2010 (For replace OEM hella)

For Ford S-Max 2004-2009

For Ford Fiesta 2009-2012 (Replace halogen projector)


For Skoda

For Skoda Fabia 2010-2014

For Skoda Octavia 2009-2013

For Skoda Superb 2008-2015


For B5.5 2001-2005 (Need certain modifications)

For B6 2005-2010

For Polo 6 N2 1999-2001

For Touareg 2007-2010 (D1 to D2 adapter is needed)


For Mitsubishi Lancer EVOX-R 2008-2016

For Opel Vectra C 2002-2008

For Saab 9-3 2002-2007 (need certain modification)

For Porsche 911/996 1999-2004 (Fit for original hella headlight)

For Chrysler Grand voyager 2008-2015 (D1 to D2 adapter is needed)

For Range Rover 2001-2010 (Only fit on hella headlight)

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