Dual Core Matrix LED Lens 3.0 inch bi led headlight projector lens with auxiliary beam



3.0 inch







Beam Pattern

American Standard

Driver Side

LHD/RHD/Flat Cutting

Product Details:

Our led projector lens is recommended by more and more wholesalers and importers for performance, reliability, and the way it looks. But we still working hard to update our item’s quality. In the car light market, The brightness of the lens is always the most concern for customers.

In these years, in the led projector lens market. The dual-core bi-led projector lens is recognized by more and more consumers, wholesalers, and importers. Because dual-core led projector lens increased brightness both in low beam and high beam. It outshines the rest. But it is not the last generation product on the market.

Dual-core bi-led matrix lens with an auxiliary beam is a great product. Updated from the old dual-core bi-led projector lens. With matrix-led auxiliary beam improved the lumen to the next level.

Size: 3.0 inches,

Wattage: 75W/Pcs,

Low beam: 55W/pcs,

Low beam and assist beam: 65W/pcs,

High beam and assist beam: 76W/pcs,

Input Voltage: 9V-16V,

LED Chips: Taiwan chips,

Lumens: 12000LX @4M/Pcs,

Color Tempe.: 6000K,

Material: Aluminum reflector bowl,

Cooling Style: Fan Heatsink Built-in,

Inverter: Internal Inverter,

Life Span: 30000hrs,

Advantage: Much powerful. Matrix LED lens with auxiliary beam makes a great effect on the road. LHD RHD and a straight line can be customized.

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