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Bi-LED Mini H4

ROYALIN 1.5 inches Mini LED projector lens H4 H7 universal for car and motorcycle headlight





1.5 inch








24 Months

Product Details:

This Mini Bi-LED Projector Lens, which is the perfect solution for H4/H7 car headlight upgrade. A built-in projector lens on our LED light bulbs brings you output with the most clarity and without the hassle of retrofitting standalone projector lenses!

Standard LED bulbs output different light shapes, glaring, and dark spots. Because they are installed in housings which made for halogen light bulbs. So you will not get a defined beam pattern.

While these mini LED projector headlight bulbs make much brighter and more focusing than standard LED bulbs with a well defined cut-off line.


  • Feature: Mini LED lens.
  • Lens Dimensions: 1.5 inches.
  • LED chip: Built-in Royalin LED chips.
  • Cooling System: With a high-quality cooling fan.

If you do not need the fan, you can choose our alloy mode. It still have nice cooling system.

  • LED driver: Compact digital driver powering up the LED projector lights pull minimal amps.
  • Lens Material: High clear glass, not plastic.
  • Color Temperature: 6000K white color.
  • Low beam lights: reflected from the special bowl that comes with. Smooth cutoff line and focus lights, will not glare at the upcoming drivers.
  • High beam lights: reflected from the car headlight reflector, shoot far and wide.
  • Canbus: Without Canbus System.
  • Installation:Plug & Play. With the super Mini Size, you don’t have to open your headlight housing while installation. As easy as replace simple LED bulbs. Take out your original bulbs and then replace them with our mini projector lens.
  • Fitment: Fits for H4, H7 car/motorcycle headlight directly.

Now we have the G7 mode, and this mode has two kinds of the base, H4 and H7. So if your car used H7 original bulbs, you can choose H7.

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