Bi-LED Micro Mini H1 Projector Lens

ROYALIN bi-led projector lens mini size 2.0 inch for H1 H4 H7 9005 9006 car and motorcycle headlight retrofit




Beam Pattern

American Standard

Driver Side





24 Months

Product Details:

Most BI-LED lenses are 2.5/3.0 inches in the market. However, for owners with relatively small headlights, the installation is not convenient. So we designed this mini 1.8 and 2.0 lens to help them solve this problem. Because the design is small and exquisite, motorcycle headlights can also be installed and used.


Feature: Bi-LED projector lens, offer both high lights and low lights function.

Projector Lens Dimensions: 2.0 inch.

LED chip: Built-in Royalin LED chips.

Cooling System: With high-quality cooling fan.

LED driver: Digital LED external drivers

Lens Material: High clear glass, not plastic. With a long lifespan and high transmittance.

Lens Holder: Metal.

Reflector Material: High-Temperature Resistance Aluminum Alloy Body.

Solenoid: High-quality electromagnetic motor, the stuck rate is less than 0.1%. The switching frequency from low beam to high beam is more than 500000 time.

Cut-Off Beam Options: LHD/RHD/Flatting cutting light.

Light Output: Brighter and clearer focusing beam pattern.

Fitment: Fits for H4, H7 car/motorcycle headlight directly, as soon as your headlight with enough space. If your headlight under other socket types, you need to do a minor modification to fit the lens well.

Projector Required Bulb Type: H1 xenon and some H1 LED Bulbs.

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