Angel Eyes Halo Rings M4

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ROYALIN Angel Eyes RGB LED Lights For BMW E90 E60 F10 F30 F31 E61 M4 E61 F34 F32 Tuning Bluetooth Dynamic Halo Ring Accessories



RY-M401, RY-M402




Single color, double color and RGB




12 months

Product Details:

Different from circular LED angel eye halo rings, the unique irregular design of the M4 style LED angel eyes gives your car a fresh and sharp look at the front end.

The dynamic iconic M4 style LED angel eye set is ideal for those who love and work on their cars continuously, awesome shape helps you to wow everyone on the road.

Besides, this kind of angel eyes is with a selected bluetooth APP controller or RF controller, you can control the LED Angel eyes with your smartphone or the RF controller!

RF Control:

1. Has long-distance control and can be controlled in the car interior with strong stability.

2. Each color of light’s brightness has 7 levels.

3. Over 200 modes for choose, you can select the mode through the button “Mode +”/”Mode -“. Also can change the color flowing speed by the button “Speed +”/”Speed -“.

4. If you want the static color, we still have red/blue/white/green for choice.

Bluetooth APP Control:

1. The angel eyes is with smartphone app bluetooth control, ios and Android are compatible. Simple interface and simple operation.

2. You can select the color from the color palette.

3. Turn on the Mode button, you can choose over 200 modes of color, not only can drop down the mode list to select the color but also can use the forward and back keys to select the color you need.

4. At the bottom of the Bluetooth control page, you will see the scroll bar, you can slide it to adjust the light’s brightness and flowing speed.



1. Error-free and no radio interference.

2. Good vibration resistance and stable emitting.

3. Durable and non-fading brilliant beams.

4. Instantly and immediately light on.

5. Low power consumption to save a lot of energy.

6. High intensity and super bright LED crystal angel eyes, 3 times brighter than CCFL angel eyes.

7. Color: White color, double color with turn signal light, RGB chasing.

8. Installation: Installing this item will involve modifications on your part.

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