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When you want to buy a headlight projector lens or search for some goods on google you will easily find many items sold on aliexpress, Amazon, eBay…Yes, they are all the same B2C(business to customers) website. Have you bought something from aliexpress? Have you scammed with poor-quality merchandise and lost your money? Do you know how to buy goods from Aliexpress? Is Aliexpress really cheaper? And is there any other way to purchase the goods from China?…

What is Aliexpress?

It is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world, and you can think of as a shopping site. And you can take many many kinds of goods you need but these goods do not belong to Aliexpress. Instead, AliExpress is a marketplace that allows all kinds of small businesses and factories in China to sell directly to individual customers worldwide. But mainland Chinese people can not buy the items on it.

What is Alibaba?

Aliexpress is owned by the Alibaba Group, and there is a website. It is the same as aliexpress to sell all kinds of China items all over the world. But they offer significantly different services.

Alibaba is designed for wholesale sales first. In Alibaba, the most sellers are China small factory and trade company. And the buyer mostly the small companies all over the world. But now the seller in Alibaba has become more and more complex and any kind of seller can enter Alibaba to sell products.

A few years ago Aliabab didn’t allow direct orders. Individuals cannot buy individual products on Aliabab. But now it become more similar as Aliexpress. You can buy 1pcs items directly in aibaba but maybe still not easy than in aliexpress.

You can customize your items and contact the really China factory in Alibaba for private label selling so that you can sell this unique product in your city with high profit. But in aliexpress, all items are the same.

About the shipping terms also not the same as Aliexpress. Aliexpress mostly sent goods with small parcels which the items less than 2kg via China post transit which needs about 30-60 days to arrive at your side. It is so long time. Well, in China there still have many many better transit methods and you can talk with a professional company and help you to choose the best way. While in aliexpress can not do like this.

Who is not suitable for shopping on AliExpress and Alibaba?

  1. You are doing a wholesale business and can purchase many items at one time.

2. You are doing a special project and need to customize some accessories.

3. You are a retailer but for private label selling and need to customize your own package.

4. You can not pay the payment in USD dollars and need to pay via RMB.

Where can find better suppliers in China?

When you want to do some business in China and you need to find a professional company and establish a long-term relationship. But how do we find them and how to distinguish whether it is a professional company or not? Well, it had many blogs to show how to find suppliers in China.

  1. Production exhibition.

In China, The Canton Fair is the largest exhibition which is held twice a year. And there also have some other exhibitions for specific products such as Automechanika Shanghai.

2. B2B online marketplaces.

  • Alibaba– arguably the world’s largest business-to-business (B2B) portal
  • China Sources– another popular website that arranges connections between businesses as well as Chinese manufacturers and suppliers
  • Made in China– a leading B2B portal that offers access to sourcing experts and claims quality products and companies.

3. Offline marketplace such as Yiwu marketplace.

4. Google search. It is an easy way and many many people used this way to find better companies in China.

5. Social media. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, and Tiktok. In China, many professional companies opened this to promote their products.

6. Your business network. It is hard firstly. Maybe you do not have any business friends in China and your network is narrow but you can find some companies that first use the methods we said before and do some small business with them. There will be some minor issues at first, and your relationship may be ups and downs, but having a good relationship with your suppliers will help your business. It is also a pleasure to grow with your suppliers.

What can Royalin do for you?

  • CE certification. Products Bi-LED projector lens, LED shrouds, Bi-xenon projector lens, and plain shrouds with standard EN61000-6-1:2007 and EN61000-6-3:2007/A1:2011 related to CE directive 2014/30/EU(Electromagnetic Compatibility). Without CE certification the goods must difficult to release from customs and can not be sold in your market.
  • Low MOQ. We can help you do the order with a low Minimum Order Quantity. Because we have many products in stock and we can sell the items with small quantity. 2020 COVID-19 hit the markets around the world and global economic contraction. At this time our low MOQ policy is your best choice to help you reduce inventory pressure.
  • Accept customize. We have many vendors and factories that can help us do some customization with small quantities. While if you contract directly with the factory and they must need a high MOQ. For projector lenses, we can help you customize the honeycomb glass lens and special sockets for you. RY-XP3301 hella lens honeycomb. And RY-XP2102 Mini H1 2.5 inch lens ACME with 9006 sockets. Package customize also available for you.

Shipping method. We have different shipping methods for you such as by land, by train, by air, by the sea…with different prices. Customs tax is the big question that you cared and we also have some DDP shipping methods for you and you will not pay any tax fee.

Mold design. We are so glad to cooperate with you who want to do special items. The same product, the competition is very fierce, there is no profit, can not open your market. Our professional team is glad to help you to do a new product.

Please contact us now and send us an inquiry. Glad to see your message and do cooperation with you.


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