How To Find A Reliable Automotive Lighting Supplier In China

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If you have discovered the vast development potential of the automotive aftermarket and have market channels for automotive accessories. Then the next step you will do must be to find a supplier from China because of lower product development cost and lower production cost.

But do you know how to find a suitable supplier in China? If you Google product names you will find tons of China manufacturers and suppliers do the same products. And you are very suspicious about which one to choose. Many purchasers have been communicating with suppliers in China for months, but finally, fail to move forward.

royalin bi led supplier stock
royalin bi led supplier stock

Below are some strategies for you to find a reliable supplier for you in China.

1. Position

You need to first know who you are, and what you need. For example, if you are dropshipping you can find a small company that has an online store supplier and just buy in and sell out. Well, if you are a brand manufacturer and all your goods need to do new design then you need a vertically integrated manufacturer.

2. Sourcing

Google your product name and the supplier type you need, such as manufacturer, supplier, factory, trade company…etc. Chinese local B2B website is also a perfect way to check your choice. Such as and made in

3. Record and Analysis

All companies sourced in step two needed to be recorded and analyzed. You should communicate with them to know more detail about the company’s ability. Narrow down the list of suppliers you want to work with to a manageable amount.

4. Sample produce

Most companies can provide free samples according to your project. In the process, you can learn more about your suppliers and the salesman.

5. Corporation

A long-term and stable cooperative relationship is very important. Because this supplier maybe help you to find another business supplier for you. And you can introduce another business to your supplier. This is double-win cooperation. Then you will find your business become easier.


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Levi Chou

Levi Chou

Hi, I’m Levi Zhou, the founder of, I’ve been engaged in auto parts aftermarket for decades, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge relating to car lighting retrofit from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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