How To Choose The Best Bi-LED Projector Lens?

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About 10 years ago, many kinds of car headlights are halogen bulbs which are so dark with warm white color. Then xenon bulbs come out with huge power of ballast, it gives us much better lighting output. But it not safe to install the HID xenon bulbs into the car headlight Because the light from the headlights reflector bowl is diffused, it can stun the driver on the other side. Thus headlight projector lens was born. The First bi-xenon projector lens may be Mini h1 lens. As its small size that can be installed with many cars headlight and its cheap price make mini h1 lens become the most popular projector. Even now it is still widely used in the vehicle headlight retrofit market. But it had updated with the different generation.

All kinds of 2.5 inch mini h1 headlight projector lens
All kinds of 2.5 inch mini h1 headlight projector lens

In recent years, the bi-xenon hella Koito Q5 projector lens, hella 3r g5 projector lens, and bi-led projector lens gradually replaced the previous mini h1 lens especially the bi-led projector lens has captured most of the automotive light retrofit market. In China, Southeast Asia, and Russia over 80% of the projector lens market is using led projector lens. And today more and more clients from America, Europe, and South America purchased bi-led projector lenses from ROYALIN company instead of bi-xenon lenses.

From the Chinese factory production situation, in recent 2 years, many China factories are ramping up LEDs and reducing Xenon. Many trade companies are wantonly promoting LED projector lens. Such as AES, Iphcar, NHK, and Aozoom.

Well, do you know what is bi-led projector lens?

The bi-led headlight projector lens is similar to the bi-xenon lens. As solenoid energization or not, the cutting shield will be stand up or lie down and you will get the low beam and high beam. But the different point with bi-xenon is LED chips had preinstalled in PCB board so it does not need extra xenon bulbs and ballast. And all led projector lenses must have a cool fan to dissipate heat.

what is bi-led projector lens

If you do not know what is bi-xenon projector lens, you can read this blog below, and then you will much easy to know what is the bi-led lens.

What is bi-xenon projector lens?

What is the best bi-led projector lens?

When you search”bi led projector lens” or”bi-led”, the most you saw is morimotohid and They are the same company in the US. Yes, it is a huge and good company in headlight retrofit in the US and they have many distributors and agents all over the world. But their projector lens price is so high, not attractive to many customers. And are their projector lens best? Who are their vendors…? In fact, they have many suppliers in China to customize the projector lens and shrouds.

Well, if you search the led lens in aliexpress, Amazon, eBay, Shoppee…Although there have many China sellers who sell items in it at the cheapest price. But do you trust their quality? And if there have some problems with products and transit, can you get the warranty easily? The biggest headache is there have many the same led projector lens with different prices, how to choose? (Please do not see the feedback, most feedback is fake)

Now flowing us and we will give some advices when choosing a lens.

1. What size you need?

Before you buy a led projector you must know what size of projector lens you need. The small headlight reflector only can be installed with a small led lens and the big headlight reflector bowl can choose a small led lens with big shrouds or a big led lens directly. ROYALIN has 4 sizes of led lenses. The smallest 1.8 inch and 2.0 inch, normal 2.5 inch and popular 3.0 inch led lens.

2. What kinds of bases do you need? with the shaft or not?

Lossless installation means we can put the led lens into the headlight directly because there has a thread in the led projector lens. Such as RY-LP3033, the newest double hyperboloid matrix led lens. All kinds of Mini H1 LED lens are lossless installations. With this thread and socket accessories, the lens can fit H1 H4 H7 9005 9006 vehicle headlight.

Lossy installation means we need to cut some parts of reflector bowl and install the projector lens with special bracket or screws and nuts. In this installation you need an positioning plate to deep the hole in original reflector bowl. And this instalation also widely used in some vehicle headlight with original projector lens.

Lossy installation vs lossless installation

For detail about the projector lens intallation please read the blog below.

How to install headlight projector lens?

3. Plastic reflector bowl vs metal reflector bowl.

With the advancement of technology and the consideration of cost-saving, many new led projector lens reflector bowls adopt high-temperature resistant plastic material. Please do not worry about its quality. These reflector bowls still can be working for a long time. But if you care about this, you can choose RY-LP3005, RY-LP3006, RY-LP3015.

4. High wattage vs low wattage

Is high wattage must have brighter lighting? Of course not. There are many electronic components in the lens, and we cannot be simply assumed that a high wattage lens must be very bright although the brightest lens is not necessarily the best lens. ROYALIN RY-LP3024 bi-led projector lens is 62W/Pcs in low beam and 70W/Pcs in high beam. While RY-LP3026 only about 45W/Pcs in low beam and 55W/Pcs in high beam, But this two led lenses both have brighter lighting output and good effect on the road. It is simple to make the led projector lens wattage high and brighter in the middle point of the cutting line. But it is still dangerous that no light on either side of the road at the night.

5. Dual core vs single core

Before 2020 it is a single-core bi-led projector lens in the market. And now dual-core become the standard configuration on the bi-led lens market. Dual-core means it is two reflectors and two led chips. One reflector outside that you can see directly and another one is a small one which hidden inside of the lens. Our 3.0 inch bi-led projector lens RY-LP3024, RY-LP3026, RY-LP3031…etc belongs to the dual-core lens. This dual-core bi-led lens two led chips work together both in low beam and high beam. That new design dual-core projector lens improved brighter both in low beam and high beam. ROYALIN dual-core lens is better than some laser projector lens because laser device only working in high beam.

dual core bi-led projector lens

6. About Lumen and lux you need to know.

Lux and lumens, both units indicate a light intensity. Lumen indicates the amount of light emitted by a light source, while lux gives the illuminance on a certain surface, for example a desk or workstation. One lux is equal to one lumen per square meter (lux = lumens/m2). Essentially, as light travels from the emitter, it will disperse throughout an area. The further the light has to travel the more it will be dispersed. Therefore, the amount of lux in an area or on a surface can vary depending upon the distance the light travels and the angle at which it is dispersed.

Well, you may still do not know what is lux and lumen. But you just need to know that the distance must be accounted when you measure LX. For example, the RY-LP3031 bi-led projector lens is 5200LX@4M/Pcs. If we tested in 3 meters then the LX must higher.

7. Width vs depth in brightness

Just as we said before. It is easy to make the bi-led projector lens much brighter in the middle area. This can help your lens illuminate a great distance. It is a good choice for you if you driving the car on the highway at a fast speed. But you still need to consider country roads. The lighting depth is important now so you can see someone walking or something darting out from both sides of the road. You can see our RY-LP3031 projector lens, it still has 700-2000LX@4M/Pcs in both of side. It is the best one for you no matter you driving on high way or country road.

bi-led projector lens lumen test

8. Price and quality.

With the improvement of technology, the quality of products made in China has been greatly improved. But you still need to take care of it and cooperate with a professional company in China. Please no worry about the ROYALIN projector lens. We specialize in headlight projector lens almost 10years. And all led projector lens made by ROYALIN provides 2-3 years warranty. In the next blog, we will tell you some suggestions about how to find a better factory or manufacture in China. Please stay tuned to our blog page.

Well, the last point is the price which you must care about when you purchase the bi-led projector lens from China. Best quality and bright but cheapest price must the best choice. That’s what we’ve been doing. If you are the first time to use the bi-led lens and want to test your market with a cheap projector lens, then RY-LP3021 is a nice one for you.

Thanks for your reading and if you still have some question about projector lens please contact us and send us an inquiry and we will try best to reply you immediately. Your recognition is our greatest motivation to move forward and we will continue to work hard, increase research and development, to make the best and most affordable products to you.

9. Which is the best one in my catalog?

Well, if you ask me which bi-led lens is the best then I will give you the types below.

  1. The best 3.0 inch bi led lens with shaft, LP3033.
  2. The best 3.0 inch bi led lens without shaft LP3032.
  3. The best 2.0 inch bi led lens. LP2002PRO.

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