Do Brighter Headlight Better?

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Now LED headlights and even laser headlights have become more and more popular in the headlight retrofit market. And the brightness of many car headlights is getting higher and higher. Many consumers even blindly distinguish the quality of vehicle headlights by the brightness of the lighting. In fact, this is a huge misunderstanding. So what kind of car headlights meet the daily use standards and how to use headlights in the correct way?

1. Difference headlight, different price.

Halogen lamps, xenon headlights, LED headlights, and laser headlights.

The earliest halogen lamps were developed from incandescent lamps after upgrading. By injecting gases such as iodine or bromine into the bulb, the tungsten wire becomes stronger under the chemical reaction, so as to achieve a longer life. Most of them are currently equipped with some entry-level models. It has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, and strong penetrating power.

However, the brightness of halogen headlights is low. In order to solve this problem, xenon headlights came out. The efficiency of converting electrical energy into light energy is 70% higher than halogen lamps, which increases the brightness by more than 2 times. However, it must be used with a projector lens, and it also has the disadvantages of long start-up time, short life span, and high cost.

Since then, the emergence of LED headlights has made car headlights a qualitative leap. Higher brightness and lower energy. At the same time, the smaller size and structure also make the headlights to serve the body shape. However, LED headlights to require higher heat dissipation and are more expensive.

Finally, the laser headlights. At present, it only be used in Audi and Rolls-Royce. Their light-emitting components are laser diodes, which have many similarities with LED light-emitting diodes. The illumination range can reach 600 meters. But the expensive price makes a lot of consumers stay away from it.

much brighter headlight lens is not the best
A much brighter headlight lens is not the best

2. Brightness is not the only one.

Brightness is only one of the aspects that need to be considered, and we also need to consider lighting effect, ground clearance, lighting area, heat dissipation …etc. Generally, most LED headlights already meet the needs of brightness. But someone who has special needs can actually choose to modify their headlights by themselves. In order to balance the cost, the original headlights are generally difficult to meet.

In addition, more and more drivers realized that too high brightness will have a counterproductive effect and affect traffic safety. Some luxury models equipped with laser headlights must be opened in a low-light environment with a speed higher than 80km/h. At the same time, there will be corresponding occlusion adjustments when meeting cars.

3. Which you need?

3.1 Long-term driving in the urban area.

Street lights in urban areas can provide enough light, so you don’t need to update them. Just use the original halogen headlights. Generally, halogen headlights are enough, but too bright lights will flash the driver’s eyes and affect traffic safety.

3.2 Long-term driving in the suburbs.

Since the light in the suburbs is slightly weaker, you can choose higher-bright xenon or LED headlights when driving in the suburbs. However, you must update the headlight with a projector lens.

headlight retrofit with projector lens and led shrouds
headlight retrofit with projector lens and led shrouds

4. Which is better? 5000K? 6000K? 8000K?

High temperatures have much brightness and high-temperature bulbs have beautiful colorful lighting. But high-temperature lighting does not work on fog days and rainy days.

Tips: Not brighter headlight better.

Whether you need to change the headlights depends on the situation of your car. When choosing the headlight, please make sure that you had understood the advantages and disadvantages of each headlight. Therefore, Although popular science knowledge may make people feel boring, you must insist on reading and understand, and avoid changing your headlights at will, causing unnecessary losses.

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