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Before asking such questions, it is a must to figure out what exact subject you want to comprehend, as there are many types of things can be connected with bi-xenon or xenon. Here we have bi xenon / xenon projector, bi xenon / xenon bulbs, bi xenon / xenon headlights. Though with different names, more or less they are related to each other. It will help you a lot if understand them well whenever planning to retrofit headlights or buy a new car.

bi-xenon projector vs xenon projector

We have explained a lot in our blog “what is bi-xenon projector lens” (click to read more). And to save your time, here a brief conclusion is just made.

Even though the two kinds of projectors are seemingly almost the same on the outside, a critical mechanical difference determines their distinct functions. Bi-xenon lens integrates both high beam and low beam together by means of solenoid and cutoff shield showed in the above photo while xenon lens has only one single beam, high beam only or low beam only, without such parts. But they have one thing in common that a xenon bulb which placed backward of a projector is needed to give out lights.

ROYALIN Voldemort Hella 3R G5 bi xenon lens (click the picture to get more)

There is no absolute good or bad between bi xenon projector and xenon projector despite more popular of bixenon in the automotive lighting aftermarket. In fact, for the sake of safe driving, it is quite necessary to respect the original headlamps. As the technology develops, there are thousands of auto headlights (click to know more of headlamps development) with various structures nowadays, old-fashioned or modern. So how to upgrade them in the right way? It is a big and complicated topic which we will discuss later but not in this article. You may refer to our writing “what is custom headlights” (click it) to gain an initial impression. Or contact Royalin service team for help if you are hungry for more.

Bi-xenon bulbs vs xenon bulbs

H1 xenon bulb – single beam vs. H4 bi-xenon bulb – dual beams

Drawing inferences from projector lens, we know that bi xenon bulbs have both dipped beam and main beam in one bulb, but for xenon bulbs, only one single beam.

Both bixenon and xenon bulbs produce lights by electrically stimulating xenon gas inside the bulb tube, also called HID (high-intensity discharge) lamps. Because of high brightness of those lamps that will dazzle the oncoming drivers, some supportive devices like reflectors or projector lens are needed to make the bulbs shine in the right direction. The glow from bi xenon bulbs can only be adjusted by reflectors while both headlights projector and reflectors are able to correct xenon bulbs lights.

So how does bi-xenon lamp works to give out 2 beams by only one tube? It is finished by a mechanically unit but not electrically. The light tube is movable by a telescopic controller inside the lamp holder, making the bulb moves upward or downward. In that case, low beam and high beam are created with the lamp’s focal point changing in the reflector.

For dual-beam bulbs’ holder types, there are H4, H13, 9004, 9007, but H1, H7, H11, 9005, 9006, D1S, D2S, D2H…. for single-beam bulbs.

Both bi-xenon and xenon lamps will emit enough lights to put your mind at ease when driving at night. But your safety is not only ensured by yourself but also by other drivers. So it is of great importance to choose the right bulbs for your headlamps in order not to cause glare to other road users as well as help you avoid punishments from the traffic police.

Bi-xenon headlights vs xenon headlights

Namely, xenon headlights use 2 bulbs per headlamp but bi-xenon headlights use just one bulb per headlamp.

To prevent HID lamps blinding other car users, usually original xenon headlamps put HID bulbs at low beam and halogen bulbs at high beam, normally using D1R, D2R, D3R, or D4R xenon bulbs for reflector-type headlights but D1S, D2S, D3S, or D4S xenon lamps for headlamp with single-beam HID projectors.

We call a headlamp bi xenon whether it uses a bi-xenon bulb or bixenon projector. As we explained above, headlights with projector inside must use xenon bulbs but not bi-xenon lamps. Dual-beam HID bulbs are just for reflector bowls as it has mechanical conversion device itself where headlights projector is needless.

headlamp with reflector bowl vs. headlamp with projector lens

Every coin has two sides. It is hard to judge which type of headlights is good or bad. It is up to you to make a choice. The right is the best. For example, when plan to buy a new car, if your driving condition is serious, it is better to choose bi xenon headlights considering driving safety because xenon lights is much brighter than halogen bulbs though means higher price. On the contrary, if you often drive on roads with good lights, a car with xenon headlights is enough, helping save money. But if you prefer bi xenon lights and do not care about the extra money, do as you wish.

I believe that my dear readers already have a brief impression about bi-xenon and xenon. No matter for what subjects, there are many many knowledges behind them. Learning more helps more, whether for you or for us. We will continue to share more of headlights information, including royalin headlights customs accessories.

Obviously you are a true fan and eager to know more of auto lights as you read far here. There are lots of useful  knowledge in our ROYALIN website with continuous renewal, enjoy yourself here! Please also feel free to contact us if any questions, we will spare no effort to help you.

Thank you very much for your valuable time here.

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