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headlight retrofit with honeycomb lens

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The factory clear lens of the original car headlight is inevitably a bit monotonous. And it is hard not to like personalized automotive lighting. Own a modified car headlight with etching lenses and you will get the “ooooohs” and “ahhhs” from other car guys when your personalized projector lens vehicle comes out. So now it is a good time to help your clients customize their lenses.

Before you have purchasing plan, maybe some questions in your mind. Please read this blog, and I think it can help you.

1. How much etching service cost?

Much cheaper. About 1-2USD for one piece of the clear glass lens according to the qty you need.

2. Does etching affect the projector light on the road?

Clear lens etching will not affect the vehicle’s safe driving. Because the image won’t be projected out on the road. And our etching service will improve the efficiency of projector light and allow the drivers to see further with ease.

3. Will clear lens etching fade?

No, it will not. With Royalin’s special machine and multi-step process, the image is permanently etched into the backside of your projector lenses. It will never discolor, fade, or fall off.

4. What can be etched on the clear lens?

In general, any pattern of images and words can be etched. Such as honeycomb, flowers, snakeskin etched often. And another popular option is the lens etching of a special logo. Well, you also can add your brand name or some special image in your country such as national flag maybe a nice option. We are so glad to talk with you if you have a wholesale inquiry.

5. Working with devil eyes has better performance.

This etched lens will look much more beautiful and unique. Under the illumination of the devil’s eyes, the etched pattern will be more brilliant. With different color devil eyes, you will get different effects.

6. What kinds of etching services do we have?

6.1 Free design

If you do not know what to etch, just please share your idea and we are glad to help you design the pattern of images and words.

6.2 Free sample

When we confirmed the pattern you need, we will etch one sample free for you to check the effects.

6.3 Lower MOQ

Usually, we do each type of pattern etching with MOQ 1000pcs of the clear lens. But truth be told it is much harder for some small wholesalers to etch. So now my company decide to lower the MOQ to 50-100pcs.

What are you waiting for, act now. Please contact us or leave your message under the blog and we are sincere to see your questions.


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Levi Chou

Levi Chou

Hi, I’m Levi Zhou, the founder of, I’ve been engaged in auto parts aftermarket for decades, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge relating to car lighting retrofit from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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