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5 Reasons To Make Headlights Retrofit Popular

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Have you ever been aware of that more and more people want to upgrade their car/motorcycle/truck headlamps and many of them have already started or finished it? There are more retrofit shops in your local place those years, right?

Why? Even you, yourself are desired to change your lighting, or already joined the retrofit club. Is it good or safe to change? You may have such doubt.

So now, follow our steps, let ROYALIN answer your questions.

Reason # 1– “ I Can Not See Clearly When Drive My Car! ”

This is the most common motive that forces people to upgrade their poor headlights–improve brightness and drive more safely.

As we know, after several years of driving, bulbs become much weaker, without seeing clear and far, especially at night, we are annoyed and afraid to drive. It’s not safe! It is not only bulbs themselves that shine weak, but lighthouse chrome reflectors are burnt after long time usage.

What causes the disappointing condition? What makes us replace better bulbs? There are 3 types of lamps that used in most vehicles now: halogen, HID and LED. Halogen is tungsten lamp that filled with halogen element or halide such as bromine iodine. HID is high intensity discharge lamp, lighting by stable arc discharge based on xenon ionization. LED is light emitting diode, a type of solid state semiconductor device, converting electrical energy directly into visible light.

Most cars use 55W halogen bulbs before because of its low cost and relatively enough brightness with designed reflector. But one of the fatal flaws is their much higher heat, burning out the lighthouse reflector, which used to concentrate the bulbs light and make better driving view. More energy is wasted with lower luminous efficiency. Remember that the higher the wattage, the more the heat that produced. Usually after 3 or more years driving, there are obvious yellow or black spots in reflectors surface, the chrome coating is damaged not to work well, also halogen bulbs brightness are decreasing simultaneously, so we have worse sight when drive at night.

Halogen bulbs, HID xenon lamps, LED headlights
Halogen bulbs, HID xenon lamps, LED headlights

Then HID, xenon bulbs come out. With great advantages, HID attracts lots of car light enthusiasts around the world, including carmakers. Xenon lamps must be lightened by ballasts (also called ignition or driver), which sharply increase cars 12V voltage to 23KV or more, so there is 2-5 seconds delay when starting HID. The color temperature is similar to sunlight, but with more green and blue colors. If you have xenon bulbs, you can check carefully when starting them, the color changes from purple/blue to green, then becomes steady at white. Surely there are different color temperatures to choose from, 3000K, 4300K, 5000K, 5500K, 6000K, 8000K…, their starting light alteration is similar.

Comparing with halogen, xenon lamps are usually 2 times brighter. The conversion efficiency from electric to light is improved by more than 70% and the current that used is only half of the halogen bulbs. Really energy-saving! Besides the lifespan of HID is much longer, 10 times, if with good ignition.

If you decide to replace xenon bulbs, please must remember to retrofit with bi-xenon projector lens! With high and low beams, you will have much safer driving and better views. What is a projector lens? How does it work? Follow my Linkedin, I will share it with you in my next articles.

ROYALIN Hella 3R blue lens bi-xenon projector
ROYALIN Hella 3R blue lens bi-xenon projector

LED is the newest member of those lamps with the highest price. More and more people tend to choose LED especially in those 2-3 years. What the advantages of LED bulbs? With small volume, LED is designed to have many types shapes and it is easier to be installed. The consumption is lower than HID, about 1/20 of halogen bulbs. They can have average 20000 hours lifespan or more, about 11 years or so. But if without good heat dissipation, it is dangerous to replace them in your car. So in terms of the safety and having no good heat release solutions, most LED companies can only make 20W LED lamp. But some big companies have certain ability to make relatively good solution.

Reason # 2– “ I Do Not Like The Original Style ”

Yes, what you guess is right, people like to pursue individuality and show difference. Thousands of the same cars will be sold to thousands of customers. What is your feeling when come across a same car with yours? Of course you will be happy. “Em.. my choice is right, so many people buy the same cars with mine! ” Then so what? Your next thoughts might change to “I’m gonna make my car distinguished from others!” The original headlights cannot meet your needs, or cannot express your personality. Then you take actions to change them.

There are many types headlamps now, halogen bulbs for low configuration cars, halogen lens with halogen bulbs, HID with single or bi-xenon projector lens, LED lamp, LED projector lens with the highest configuration. And also there are too many car light accessories to sell, headlamp assembly, bi xenon lens, bi led lens, LED integrated shrouds, angel eyes(CCFL, COB, LED), devil eyes (T type and 360 demon eyes), LED  strips (soft tube, crystal, with sticker backside)…etc. Think twice and learn more before buying them!

Do not replace xenon bulbs directly with original halogen bulbs. It is illegal! Installing projector lens if you want to use HID. Headlamp chrome lighthouse reflector is specially designed for halogen bulbs, they match well. But as the focus point of HID and halogen is different, the xenon light reflected by original reflector is divergent and not concentrated, thus making short illumination distance. With too much scattered dazzling light, you are not safe driving at night, as well as your oncoming vehicles and pedestrian. Accidents maybe caused easily, if happen, you are the guilty part. When buying LED lamps, please choose normal wattage bulbs that most used. Higher wattage may have brighter view, but the heat release system cannot be ignored. Or you can choose brand lamps, they are more safe for you. Remember, nothing for nothing and every little for a halfpenny. If you are in sandy area like Middle East, remember to choose led bulbs without a fan since they can be easily broken by wind-blown sands.

Reason # 3– “ I want to have the brightest car of all ”

Not only a few people have a such goal. Everyone hopes to have one of the best things of all. It is also ok to make your car be the brightest. But do not forget your law rules, try a reasonable and normative way to retrofit and use after retrofit.

What lights accessories should I choose to be brighter? Many countries forbid to use HID bulbs alone, we have explained in preamble. Projector lens is the best friend to xenon lamp. Until now, Hella 3R bi xenon projector lens with HID is the brightest combination of all. Bi-LED projector is also a good choice though less brighter than bixenon lens, it has lower consumption, higher light efficiency and theoretically longer working time. If you want to be attractive at daytime, try LED angel eyes shrouds with projector lens or LED strips. There are many different models and colors for you to choose. The default DRL (daytime running lights) color is white, some countries do not allow other colors such as red, blue, green… Check your law well before buying to avoid unnecessary lost.

ROYALIN bi-LED headlights lens
ROYALIN bi-LED headlights lens

Now you have reached your goals. Be careful and use your lights correctly! Especially high beam. Do not use a high beam when there are cars or walking people on your opposite side. If your high beam glare at them and traffic accidents happen.

Reason # 4– “ So Many People have Upgraded Their Headlights ”

This is Bandwagon Effect and Conformity Behaviour. Our decision and cognition is more likely affected by other people. For example, if one of your favorite stars recommends a sports shoe, surely you will buy it. Even though you do not like the style, when you find out that so many people have owned the shoe, you are inspired.

The reason 4 seems conflicted with the reason 2, but it is just human beings. People desire to show their difference but they also do not want to be left alone.

Headlights retrofit is a trend that no one can stop. More and more new car light accessories will be created and produced, especially in China.

To be truth, installing projector lens is not a easy work and requires professional supports. Then headlights chrome upgraded kits come out to improve retrofit efficiency. They replace the whole headlamp reflector that look like original but more attractive and multifunctional than what original car makers do. The kits support Hella 3R/G5 or bi-LED lens with Hella fixed holes by special designed brackets. Take the kit into consideration if you want a easier retrofit work as well as a brighter lights.

ROYALIN chrome reflector retrofit kits for Honda HRV Vezel
ROYALIN chrome reflector retrofit kits for Honda HRV Vezel

Reason # 5– “ I Am Denied When Do Vehicle Inspection ”

Most countries have regulations about automobile headlights output. For example in U.S., according to the Federal Regulations, a low-beams headlamp should light the road at least 150-200 feet while high-beams roughly 250-350 feet roadway ahead. Not many people encounter this denied condition but remember to replace and change your headlights after several years usage. Choose a suitable and approved way to upgrade your headlamp based on your law rules.

ROYALIN projector lens low beam and high beam road effect
ROYALIN projector lens low beam and high beam road effect

These are all the 5 reasons that we conclude in view of our experiences and feedbacks from thousands of customers that ROYALIN serves around the world. Many points are not in details but will be explained in our following articles in ROYALIN blog.

No matter who you are and where are you from, interested in upgrading your own car or doing retrofit job for others or only sell headlight accessories, ROYALIN will provide solutions that tailored for you.

Levi Chou

Levi Chou

Hi, I’m Levi Zhou, the founder of royalincarparts.com, I’ve been engaged in auto parts aftermarket for decades, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge relating to car lighting retrofit from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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