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You may be interested in these questions

MOQ is Minimum Order Quantity. In general, we accept 100pcs for projector lens and 1000pcs for led side marker lamps. But now Covid 19 still alived all over the world. And we produced some in stock. So please contact us to check the items you need. And we must try best to slove the MOQ for you. 

We are a China manufacturer and trade combo. Headlight and fog light projector lens, all kinds shrouds and led halos, truck lamps, led side marker light are designed and produced by ourself. 

We accept Chinese yuan(RMB), US dollar(USD) and Euro. You can pay via Western Uion, Paypal, Bank transfer (T/T), or Alibaba platform. If you can’t pay via this currency, we can help you contact with the shipping agent and you can pay your local currency to shipping comany and they will help you transit RMB to us. 

There have different shipping methods with different delivery time. 

  • Shipping by sea. 30-60days is needed. But the shipping fee may be the cheapest. If you have bulk order, you can choose this way. 
  • Shipping by train. 45-60days is needed. All goods will transit on train Loading in Yiwu/Shenzhen→Xi’an/Yiwu→Alashankou→Kazakhstan→Russia→Polish Mala→Polish Customs Clearance→UPS Pickup. 
  • Shipping by truck. 30-45 days is needed. Yiwu container loading (1-2 days) →Alashankou (4-5 days) →port declaration (4-6 days) → Poland (9-10 days) →customs clearance to UPS extraction (5-7 days) →dispatch to countries (1-3 days). 
  • Shipping by air. 5-10 days needed. From Shanghai to your country directly.

VAT is Value Added Tax. Now if you are in European country VAT is needed when you purchased goods from China. Because your customs need to know your VAT number to tax on you. But please do not worry about it. For samll order can be transit to your side without your VAT and you do not need to pay any tax. 

Sure. We accept some customized for your. 

  • Logo customized. It is easy to help you laser your logo on products. 
  • Color Box customized. An beautiful and special box is need when you do wholesale or retail in your market. 
  • Products customized. Products materials and colors can do according to your requirements. Our team also can help you design a new moulds to produce the products that only you can sell it.  

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Kristen Moore head sculpture

Kristen Moore


"This is our third year of cooperation. Always provide us good quality. The most important thing is that they have the best after-sales service and product warranty."


"прекрасный товар и отличный отзывчивый продавец. при любых проблемах с доставкой идёт навстречу сразу предлагая другие варианты досылки заказа, хотя задержки и возвраты были совсем не по его вине."

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Joanna Foxx

Purchase Manager
Felicity Trump head sculpture

Felicity Trump

Purchase Manager

"Royalin has different transit for us. The fastest way via DHL, FedEx. And the cheapest way by sea. Also, DDP is available to our clients' country."

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